After suffering his third knee injury in late 2020, our founder, Chris was looking for a career change. He and his family took a holiday after Christmas and stumbled upon a wool manufacturer that also offered its quilts and other wool products direct to the public.


They had a small number of pet beds made from their wool offcuts in basic hessian sacks. Chris purchased some for friends and family and they liked them so much he contacted the manufacturer and asked if he could distribute them. They weren’t interested in selling these more widely, so the idea for 3 Clips was born.


Sitting around recovering from the meniscus tear gave Chris lots of time to think and research the idea. After extensive research he realised that there was a gap in the market for pet beds made from all-natural materials, so he decided to try to make some of his own.


His first stop was calling some local wool mills, where he discovered that there is a lot of wool waste in the industry. He got talking with them and before long he was in the car, visiting the mills to look at the quality of the offcuts. Chris quickly realised that the wool was in great condition and just needed some cleaning. The mill operators were grateful to find a use for what would normally go into landfill.


It was a win, win. 3 Clips got all-natural wool and the mill operators reduced their waste. A match made in heaven.


After even more research, Chris found a supplier of jute sacks for the outside of the beds, but he didn’t stop there. Chris also made a machine that could clean and prepare the wool for the pet beds. The idea was really coming together now.


To test out his pet bed idea, he made six test beds and offered them to friends and family. All of the pets were extremely happy with their new, more comfortable beds. The owner’s loved seeing their pets happy and not destroying their beds.


One bed went to a big 48kg Rottweiler that had a reputation for ripping up his bed. He was the perfect tester for a 3 Clips pet bed. On his first night on the new bed, he slept through the night without waking once. Three days later, Chris received a text from the owner saying, “You have broken my guard dog, he does not wake up anymore and I have to come out in the morning and wake him up.”


With that incredible feedback from happy owners, Chris decided it was time to expand his operation and is now selling Australia-wide.


That’s the story of how 3 Clips started making Handcrafted 100% Australian wool pet beds that are heathy for your pet and the planet.

Medium Cat Bed  - Natural Fibres, Eco Fr